Friday, November 23, 2012

Studio Sale!

Here's a quick last minute notice:  I'm having a studio sale!!  It's happening this Sunday, November 25th from 1-4 at 221 31st Street W.
We are moving back to Nelson, BC on Tuesday so I'm clearing out seconds and a bit of old stock.  I'll also have lots of new dishes and jewellery.  If you're in Saskatoon and don't make it out..I'll still have my work at The Better Good.


Blogger Catherine Flynn said...

Hi there, I absolutely adore your ceramics, I found them while surfing Pinterest. I am looking into ways of doing surface decal decoration on ceramics and wanted to ask which methods you use. If you are happy to share your komwledge you would make a full time mum in bristol, uk very happy! My email is

Many thanks and best wishes, Cath

6:32 AM  

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